Diva Dreams

Help young girls learn the skills that they’ve always wanted to learn. With your help, we can make their dream come true.

Can you think of a skill you’ve dreamt about learning, but never had the opportunity to do so? Did you want to participate in a new sport? Learn an interesting instrument? Or perhaps you wanted to be able to express yourself through the visual arts? We all have dreams about becoming great at something we love, but sometimes we need assistance in getting started. Lack of equipment, supplies, and support are all obstacles that can get in the way. We want to remove these obstacles for our dreamers, so they can make their dreams a reality. Can we count on you for support?

How does it Work?

  1. Gather a group of your favourite gal pals; Divas.
  2. Through sponsorship, decadent packages are customized and You’re Spoiled.
  3. 100% of the contributions Diva`s make to participate in the event go towards making a young girl`s Dream come true. Dreamers can be girls Diva`s choose, or one chosen through Child Advocates working with Provincial housing.
  4. All lessons and equipment are purchased and Dreams Delivered. Diva Dreams continue to update equipment as the girl grows and provide lessons as she improves for as long as she stays successful in school.

For example one Diva Dreamer was 5 year old Marley. She wanted to learn to swim in a rainbow swim suit. We purchased the suit, goggles, towel, flip flops, snow suit (après swimming) and 2 sessions of swimming lessons making is easy for her working class parents to make their daughter dream come true.

Meet Our Current Dreamers

Click on a Diva below to learn more about her dream, and to read about her progress.


Angela’s dream is to become a famous singer. Click below to see how Angela has progressed.
Learn More About Angela

Past Dreamers

Our past Dreamers who’ve had their dream come true


Marley’s Dream was to learn how to swim in a Rainbow swim suit.


Courtenay’s dream was to learn how to ice skate.


Bethani’s dream was to learn how to sing.
Khamieta Swinging her golf club


Khamieta’s Dream was to learn how to golf.