About Changing Kids

Changing Kids is a win-win charity that gives kids a chance to change. We believe mentoring creates opportunities for kids to build capacity in themselves. These mentors bring real life experiences to teach kids new ways to be in life: little girls acquire new skills in Diva Dreams, and junior students learn tolerance, respect, empathy and patience with Kids N’ Elders.

Founder Statement

Welcome to being a part of Changing Kids. I’m Rachelle.

After years of specializing in the teaching of LD and behavioural Kids, I have come to instinctively know successful programs that can work for at risk youth.

Changing Kids manifested out of the will to create these programs that can meet the social and emotion needs of at risk youth. As an Itinerant Special Education Behaviour Teacher I found myself at a loss to reach the specific needs of some children, there were no programs available, so I had to create my own.

Most of our Seniors in the Kids N’ Elders program are in their 90’s. They have a wealth of experience to share. They model as well as demand patience and respect from the students who do not have alternative mentors to look up to for guidance and positive models of behaviour. A generational empathy is created and the children participate in a real life learning experience, while the seniors benefit from interaction.

Diva Dreams came from my will to celebrate on my 40th with all the incredible women who have given so much to my life. I wanted to commemorate these women not only with a wonderful event, but also the with the experience of goodwill, because each friend becomes part of an action that can forever change a young girl’s life.

Through mentoring, positive opportunities and consistency, children see an alternate way live their own lives. This changes families, schools, communities and our society in its entirety. By being involved you too make a difference. Whether participating in one of our Diva Dreams events, being a title sponsor of a program or sponsoring one of our events, you become a part of Changing Kids.

Warmest Regards,

“Through mentoring, positive opportunities and consistency, children see an alternate way live their own lives.”