Change the way they see the world.

Changing Kids is a win-win charity that gives kids a chance to change. We believe mentoring creates opportunities for kids to build capacity in themselves.

Diva Dreams Program

Help young girls achieve their dreams by acquiring a new skill they’ve always wanted to learn.
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Kids N' Elders Program

Partner Junior level students with Seniors to develop tolerance, patience, and compassion.
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About The Founder

Rachelle — Founder of Changing Kids

Changing Kids manifested out of the will to create programs that can meet the social and emotion needs of at risk youth. As an Itinerant Special Education Behaviour Teacher, Rachelle found herself at a loss to reach the specific needs of some children.

There were no programs available to help, so Rachelle had to create her own. Today Rachelle continues to work with children through her Diva Dreams, and Kids N’ Elders programs.